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Melee Gala Event

United Boxing Club invites you to experience Manitoba’s premier boxing event!

First held in 2013, the Melee Gala Event has quickly established itself as one of the most anticipated dates on any sports fans’ calendars. You may have attended live boxing events before, but you’ve never seen anything like this!

Making its home inside the luxurious Metropolitan Entertainment Centre, the Melee Gala Event is truly a one of a kind evening. Boxing fan or not, you are sure to be taken aback by the beautiful mix of black-tie atmosphere and world-class combat sport.

See some of the best boxers in Canada, and the world, go toe-to-toe right before your eyes as you enjoy a first class meal, professional lighting and video, full bar, prizes, and unparalleled boxing entertainment.

Melee at the Met (2013)

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Melee at the Met III (2015)

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