Personal & Group Training


1-1 Personal Training/Hand Pad session
Few things can help you as good as a 1-1 with a coach. For those who really want to advance and make sure that they are improving their skills as best as they can are encouraged to sign up with one of our coaches for a session.

Shared Personal Training Sessions
The most difficult thing about personal training is cost, but if you'd like to share the cost and still get a great deal of focus, compared to a large class, come in with a few friends and receive a better rate per person. (2-4 People)

Team/Group Training Sessions
Nothing creates a better team or group dynamic like battling through a high intensity boxing workout together. Bring in your team or group of up to 30 people and experience an amazing conditioning workout, and you will feel more united as a group guaranteed. 


For more information contact

Rhyland Qually at  204.799.8597 or