We are shifting our programs to improve our competitive stream. We will be adding in Technical Sparring on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30pm, Saturdays at 10:00am and Sundays at 12:45pm
Therefore our 'Intro to Competitive' will no longer be running.This also means the Competitive Team Training time is for Competitive Members Only. 
For more information on Competitive Team and Prospect Memberships and Programming Contact us at or call/message General Manager Rhyland Qually 2047998597
Competitive Team and Prospects
Definition, Expectations, and Opportunities

Membership/Experience Progression Model
  • Fundamentals
    • Only 7:00-8:15pm
  • Prospects
    • Fundamentals, Defense Tactics and Technical Sparring
  • Competitive Team
    • Fundamentals, Technical Sparring, Competitive Team Practice and Open Sparring


What is a Competitive Team Member?

  • Has had a fight
  • Has weighed in more than 1 time within the last 6 months
  • Has sparring experience +4 months
  • Has approval of 2 out of 4 main coaches
    • (Ryan, Brandt, Rhyland, Phil)


  • Devotion
  • Discipline
  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Contribution (limited spots)

Membership Cost System

  • Fundamentals - $75/month
  • Competitive Prospect - $80/month
    • Includes Fundamental, and Defense/Technical Sparring Classes
  • Competitive Team A/B
    • Contributing - $45/month
    • Standard - $85/month

Competitive Contribution Prorated System

  • Athlete Receives over 45% off rate
  • Must be a part of Competitive Team A or B (experienced) and approved
  • Assisting (not leading) Instructors during their class sessions once a week
  • Only so many spots available, but on must STAY COMMITTED
  • Classes to assist - 8-12 spots
    • Fundamentals M/T/W/Th/F/Sun
    • Youth M/W
    • Possibly Technical Sparring - W/F/Sat/Sun

Competitive Team A vs. B

  • Competitive Team A
    • Looked to be our leaders, true representatives of our gym
    • Fight experience - 2 or more within the last year
    • Aspirations to fight highest level possible
  • Competitive Team B
    • 1 or fewer fights
    • Has sparred with us more than 4 months
    • Has competency of the defense 4 levels of Defensive and Offensive tactics
    • Has aspirations to be Competitive or to only Novice Spar

Competitive A vs. B

  • This is to help us prepare proper open sparring
  • Focus practice around those who are preparing for fights
  • Set expectation level of Competition - Fights? Just Spar?

Progression Model

All Subject to Approval by 4 Main Coaches - Ryan, Brandt, Rhyland, Phil

  1. Fundamentals of Boxing
    • Expected for 1-2 months depending on skill
    • Prior experience still requires 1 week
  2. Defense Tactics and Technical Sparring
    • Must cover all topics
  3. Competitive Team B
    • Get more than 1 fight
  4. Competitive Team A
    • Maintain Status by communication with coaches of fighting schedules


Defense Tactics and Technical Sparring

  • To structure the learning behavior around defense
  • Light to mild contact - Registration and medicals required
  • For novices learning AND competitive team enhancing their skills
  • 4 Major Skills
    • Long Range, Dynamic Foot Work and Parries
    • Mid Range and Slips
    • Mid Range, Rolls, and Angles
    • Heart Shaped Guard, Tit-for-Tat Counter Punching

Membership Opportunities

  • TTF Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp
    • 30-50% off with United Membership (e.g. 10-pack for $60)
    • Personalized Strength and Conditioning Programs
    • Periodization Planning
    • Strength Seminars
    • Nutrition Seminars
    • Diet Planning and Body Fat Analysis]
    • Yoga
      • Reduced Rate - Drop in $10 or buy the next


You Talk, We Listen

We Talk, You Listen