covid safety PROTOCOLs

updated 19 july 2021 please read all the way



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Good day United Boxing Club Members,


United Boxing Club will be following specific protocols for the members, instructors, and coaches to follow so that we can make the environment clean and safe to exercise in. With these new procedures, we also still provide an amazing quality workout, very spacious area, and best technical boxing lessons in the city.


Before signing up for a class, please review our safety protocol. If you are interested in booking a class please click here.


Any questions please email 

1.      Members must sign up and pay prior to class using the Mindbody App. No drop-ins will be accepted.

2.      Members must be on time for class and shall wait outside until class starts & are given the okay to enter the building. If later than 5 minutes after class time begins, front door will be locked, and member will not be able to enter.

3.      Members are entitled to 3 classes a week.

4.      Member shall remove shoes before entering gym and put clean shoes & personal equipment in “boxer bin” provided and bring the bin to their workout stations.

5.      Member shall use hand sanitizer at “hard stop” before entering gym with boxer bin and use hand sanitizer often; after touching equipment & after taking off boxing gloves.

6.      Member must come wearing exercise clothing; no locker room use.

7.      Member must bring their own water (water fountain is not available).

8.      Member must bring own towel & dry body often.

9.      Member will go to assigned workout area (#1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #7 and #8) with boxer bin and will not move outside this area.

10.    All exercises will be done with members, coaches and instructors staying 10ft away from each other. Coaches and instructors will be coaching from designated area at a safe distance. No sparring, hand pads, or close quarters training will be done in the near future.

11.    Member must clean mats, gym equipment, seating area, and any areas that may have been touched before leaving class and will exit through back door.

Post vaccine protocol

In an effort to provide a safe environment for our coaches, front desk staff and members, all members over the age of 12, coaches and front desk staff must be vaccinated  to participate in training at United Boxing Club,  except in cases where an individual is adversely impacted by the rule as a result of a protected ground under the human rights code. Anyone with accommodations due to exception will be required to wear a mask.


This will be implemented in two stages:  Effective Wednesday July 21 2021, members must show that they have booked their first vaccine appointment.  Proof can be a screen capture of the Shared Health COVID-19 Immunization Record with appointment date and name OR the confirmation email received when the appointment was booked.


Effective September 1 2021, members must prove that they are fully vaccinated (i.e. two weeks past their second vaccination)


Proof of vaccination can be:

1)      - government issued vaccination card

2)      - screen capture vaccination QR code, including name

3)      - screen capture of Shared Health COVID-19 Immunization Record (with date of the two immunizations), including name


For exceptions under the human rights code or for any questions, please contact Gillian Reid-McLean, Operations Manager at