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All United Boxing Club Coaches believe in a pay it forward system, and work on a volunteer basis and donate their skills and knowledge in boxing for the betterment of the members.  Our coaches help create an amazing atmosphere at United where everyone works toward the same goals:  (1) learning the sport of boxing; (2) getting in shape; and (3) having fun.

All UBC Coaches and Instructors are required to have:

  • Up to date Emergency First Aid, AED and CPR training

  • Up to date Vulnerable Persons and Child Abuse Registry checks

  • Membership in good standing with Boxing Canada and Boxing Manitoba


Ryan Savage is one of the most decorated Olympic style boxers this province has ever produced.  He is a 3 time National Boxing Champion and was a member of the Canadian National Boxing Team for 7 years, retiring in 2003.  He has competed in over 160 bouts, including more than 40 international competitions in 12 countries around the world.  Most notably, he represented Canada in the 2000 Olympics Game Qualifier, 2001 World Boxing Championships, 2001 Francophone Games and the 2002 Commonwealth Games.  As a carded athlete, Ryan had 7 years of university, including a law degree, fully funded by the federal government.
Ryan is now a Level 3 NCCP certified coach, Vice President of Boxing Canada and has coached at all levels of the sport including the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.  Ryan is the Head Coach and President of United Boxing Club Inc.

BRANDT BUTT- HEAD COACH, Competitive Team Program

As a member of Canada’s National Team, amateur boxing has brought Brandt to places like England, Venezuela, India and Germany. On top of his national and international experience, his boxing credentials include multiple Provincial Championships and a Ringside World Championship nearing the accomplishments of his coach, Ryan Savage. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, School of Business, Finance Program, he has been involved in boxing since he was 16 years of age. Experience, hard training and ring savvy and a willingness to learn have turned this southpaw into a feared opponent for any boxer in his weight class.Brandt is the Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rock Steady Boxing Winnipeg, a non-contact boxing program specifically designed to work with individuals with Parkinson’s disease, which not only gets them more physically active, but empowers each participant to get motivated to fight back against Parkinson’s disease.


PHIL NATIVIDAD - General Manager/Instructor


Phil became active in boxing after volunteering at the 1999 Pan Am Games boxing venue.  Starting out as an official with hundreds of bouts judged, he eased into coaching and has been an active member of Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association.  A Level 3 NCCP certified coach and Learning Facilitator, highlights of Phil’s coaching career include being manager at the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, coaching at several Ringside World Championships as well as the inaugural Canadian Golden Gloves and the organization of several Manitoba Golden Gloves competitions.


ANGEL BATALLA - Athlete/Competitive Team Coach

Hailing from Mexico, Angel played high level soccer as a keeper.  At United Boxing, Angel mixes up his soccer and boxing experience by incorporating it into his training program.  Angel focuses on strength and conditioning with agility training and bag work to ensure participants get a solid full body workout while getting strong and having fun!  Angel looks forward to returning to the ring to get a few more fights under his belt.


ANDREW BESTLAND - Competitive Team Coach


Andrew joined United Boxing in 2014 at a time when he really needed to get back into shape and challenge himself with something new.  A boxing fan for most of his life, he always wanted to give it a try.  Andy looked around at different gyms and chose United because of the structured program and the obvious expertise of the coaches.  He wanted to learn how to box and felt United provided the best program for this.  Andrew helped coach the 2016 Corporate Challenge participants and loved every minute of that experience.  Andrew is a MABA official and referee, and is the current Marketing Director for Boxing Manitoba.  There is a real team atmosphere at United and all are made to feel welcome regardless of experience or ability.  Andrew’s advice to anyone thinking about checking out United Boxing Club: “Do it, you won’t look back!”


ALAN HOGG - Competitive Team Coach


Alan is a graduate from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law and is President of Boxing Manitoba, the governing body for amateur boxing in Manitoba.  Alan holds his NCCP Club Coach Certification (former level 2) and has a keen interest in youth athlete development.  He is also an accredited Boxing Canada official having judged hundreds of bouts.  Alan has a ridiculous amount of energy and uses it at every training session to challenge and motivate participants.  

BRAD QUINIT - Competitive Team Coach

Brad began boxing in 2008 and joined United Boxing Club in 2009.  Boxing is in his family bloodlines; his brother Jon Quinit is a former Canadian National Team member and their grandfather boxed for the US Navy.  It is a safe bet to say that this pedigree helped determined his decision to take up boxing.  At the 2016 National Championships, Brad earned a silver medal – this in addition to 3 bronze medals from past Nationals.  

VITALIY ROMANKOV – Competitive Team Coach

Vitaliy possess a wealth of technical boxing knowledge and joined United Boxing via the amateur hotbed Kazakhstan where he was a national level amateur boxer and kick boxer.  After completing his boxing career, Vitaliy trained youth boxers and hails from the same Karaganda City Gym as Gennady Golovkin (aka GGG), a current professional world boxing champion!

SCOTT WITHERSPOON - Competitive Team Coach

Scott initially got involved in amateur boxing in 2006 while training in Edmonton, Alberta.  He took a hiatus after relocating to Winnipeg, until his son took an interest in the sport and joined United Boxing in 2014.  At this time, Scott made the decision to jump back into training by competing in United Boxing Club’s 1st Annual Corporate Challenge.  United Boxing has become a second home for Scott and his son ever since, and it is motivating to watch father and son train side by side.  Boxing has become a family sport so Scott transitioned to a coaching role primarily working with our athletes in the competitive program.  Scott loves seeing them develop their boxing skills, athleticism and confidence.

SHADEN ABUSALEH- Athlete/Instructor

Shaden is a member of United Boxing Club’s Competitive Team and shares her ring experience with participants in her class.  You’ll always find Shaden with her hands up and her guard on sparring with other athletes lending her knowledge of the sport to her teammates.  Her calm, respectful and patient demeanor makes her a great instructor for novice boxers with a particular interest in developing youth athletes.

SHELBY BARRON - Instructor

One of United Boxing's resident heavyweights, Shelby brings volume and intensity to the classes he teaches. Playing hockey growing up, Shelby emphasizes the team aspect of boxing while appreciating the individual nature of the sport. A long time fan and keen observer of the sport, Shelby enjoys discussions about fights and fighters both past and present. Whether its sparring, training or leading classes, his enthusiasm, appreciation and passion for the sport shines through.


After sustaining an injury that put an end to Genevieve's competitive soccer playing, she walked through the doors of United Boxing in 2015 where she trained under Brandt Butt, who ignited her passion for boxing. Genevieve now works alongside Brandt, as a Coach for his Rock Steady Boxing Winnipeg program; a non-contact boxing program specifically designed for individuals with Parkinson's Disease; a Trainer for Total Team Fitness (TTF), and a Coach at U of M Boxing. You will find this Southpaw brings absolute intensity to every training session she leads, while motivating her teammates and participants to push through. Genevieve strives to be an example that age is just a number.  Genevieve believes in furthering her education and knowledge in the fitness industry and currently holds the following certifications:  


Boxing Canada Level 1 NCCP, RSB Level 1, and ASFA Group Fitness, Boot Camp, Functional Fitness, Speed and Agility, Sport Specific Training and Personal Training.

CHRIS PANTING - Instructor

Chris’ background in combat sports was in Olympic style wrestling, and he finds many of the skills he learned transferable to boxing.  Chris is a quick study, and enjoys working with our up and coming youth athletes.

RHYLAND QUALLY - Athlete/Instructor

Rhyland became incredibly amazed with the sport of boxing after a few lessons and a great deal of self teaching. Rhyland took it from the shed back on the farm where he grew up to the ring across Canada, and boxed at a competitive level including the inaugural Canadian Golden Gloves in Cornwall, ON in 2013. Rhyland felt the experience of giving back by teaching and training others was one of the most rewarding things. With a degree in Kinesiology, a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, pursuing his secondary degree in nutrition and founder of Total Team Fitness (TTF), Rhyland excels in bringing people together to enjoy being there for one another while attaining and smashing their own personal goals.


After hanging around the Club for a few years watching, Gillian decided to get off her butt and join the fun, much to her teenage son’s chagrin.  Fast forward a year and a half, and Gillian is often in the gym watching her son, helping at the front desk or attending/leading a class.  Her son is no longer horrified, although he does think it is strange how much his mom laughs while she works out.  What she lacks in experience, Gillian makes up for with enthusiasm and hopes that her story is an inspiration to others that it is never too late to start!

LAUREN SENIER - Instructor

Lauren began boxing in 2013 as a way to stay in shape while working as a forest firefighter.  She became more involved in the sport of boxing having multiple fights in 2014 and 2015 before taking an interest in coaching.  Her focus has been with involving women in the sport and changing the meaning of the expression to “fight like a girl”.

LEQUAAN WALKER - Athlete/Instructor

Lequaan is a member of United Boxing Club’s Competitive Team and is a Provincial Champion boxer!  Lequaan’s wealth of knowledge and experience inside and outside the ring make him an effective instructor.  Lequaan has a natural ability to work his participants hard, while ensuring everyone is having fun refining their skills in boxing.  Lequaan is working hard to represent United once again inside the ring!

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